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Custom Photos & Videos for your Website & Social Media

Signature Services

Business-Focused Video, Photo, and Multimedia Content Creation

 Videos and Photography For Social Media, Website, Promo Videos, Online Course Videos, Events, Training

We offer three services at commodity prices, and yes, we actually publish the prices. Content creation services should be available to every business. These three services form the core of a powerful content creation and marketing strategy and are the keys to success. This is the content that you should be putting out on a recurring, consistent basis.  All clients start with one of these three signature services.

Documentary-style Video

Real, relevant video produced at your location on a one-time or recurring basis. Collect testimonials, create product demos, interviews, or event coverage. Publish content on a schedule or make multi-camera live streaming a part of your recurring content plan.


“Day in the life,”  photojournalistic-style images that capture the essence of your brand or product. Create content your customers can’t help but share.


Train Your Staff

Ensure your staff is all on the same page regarding how your content creation efforts align with business goals. The ultimate sales tool made easy via in-person or online training and coaching.

These three signature services adhere to journalistic standards in terms of minimal editing and post-production to ensure you a fast turn-around time. We differ from traditional videography or photography services as our focus is on fast turn-around time and being business & marketing-focused. To get an idea of what we are talking about, ask a photographer or video house what their turn around time is, or if you own the photos or  footage outright.

Create a Month’s worth of Content your customers can’t help but share… In an afternoon… without disrupting your day

Once we produce your content, you’ll have access to resources and guidance to make sure your whole team is on the same page regarding your schedule of events, promotions, social media campaigns, and in-house talking points that are accessible for the whole staff to use.

Grow Your Business

Attract your IDEAL CUSTOMERS and give them something they can’t help but share.

Reclaim your time

“You do you.” Focus on the things that you went into business for in the first place. Do your actual job instead of driving the marketing all the time.

Set yourself apart

Be the company that leaves competitors wondering “How do they do that, how are they everywhere?”

Ongoing Video, Photo, and Written content Campaigns to Help Existing Businesses Gain Market Share & Increase Revenue


Do you struggle to produce enough quality Photo, Video and Written content to earn “top of mind” awareness from customers and prospects?

We Handle Everything

We become a “part of your team” for the duration of the engagement. We show up, we set up, you simply show up and go about your day.

Scheduled Success

Project management from a PMI certified Project Manager to ensure your content creation is scheduled on a continual basis.

Collaboration & Support

Connect, communicate and collaborate with a private group of business owners who are already seeing the positive results of content marketing.

What Makes This So Different?

Most businesses struggle to create compelling content on a consistent basis that actually creates a connection between the business and its customers. Up until now, the options have been to outsource everything to a rep you’ll never meet, or to hire someone and do it in-house.  What happens most times is an ad-hoc approach that results in you spending time as a marketing manager that should be spent focused on your specialty.

Your Search for Content is over… You’ll Wish You Had Started Yesterday

Getting started is easy

The whole onboarding process takes as little as 12 minutes. Same-day onboarding and shooting available on an as-needed basis.

1: Chat, Call or Email

Let’s connect so we can learn more about your goals and so you can see how custom content creation can help you achieve them.


If Necessary, we’ll clarify your messaging and identify areas where it can be strengthened.

3: Select Your Services

Chose the services that align with your goals and your existing marketing efforts.

How It Works


Create Your Plan-Identify what types of content is best for your audience and business and schedule it on a content calendar that aligns with your business goals.


Schedule the days you would like to have custom content created (like the CrossFit Open, pictured above). It can be on a recurring basis, or for a special event.


You’ll receive your media, ready for publication, or, if you prefer, we can upload and publish it for you depending on your needs and service level.

I don’t want to wait…How Long Does it Take?

Standard service turnaround times range from 48 hours to 1 week. However, depending on your needs, you can have your content ready and delivered the same business day. In some instances, realtime publication is called for, and in those cases, that is what you will get. 

Same day turnaround available for some projects

Our Pledge to you

We’ll help you create content that reflects well on you and your business… and we’ll have fun while doing it.

Weapons-grade listening

We get to the story behind the story. An amazing amount can be accomplished in an hour when we execute on what we discover during focused listening.


Staff Support & Buy-in

Simple resources to get everyone on the same page, so that staff will have a clear vision that ties your business goals with your content creation efforts .

Business-Focused Content

We learn about you, your industry, and your business. All of our work is aligned with your business goals and desired outcomes.


“The Open is the largest community-building event CrossFit offers. It happens once a year and requires multi-week commitment from our members who compete.

Rewarding them with timely, professional photos and videos of their performance is essential. Members share the content on social media, and it is a great way to build camaraderie while simultaneously spreading the word about the business.

It is great to have someone who shows up, requires little guidance from me, is respectful of the competitors and still gets amazing content.”

Drew Skaggs

Owner, CrossFit at the SHOP

Concierge Content Creation & More

“Creating content drives my business. Having access to someone [like Tony] who can operate and do his thing in so many different environments allows me to monetize my skills, which ultimately brings me more customers.”

Jeff Gellman

Owner, Solid K9 Training

Going into the fire to get our content

“Getting wildland firefighters to open up on camera requires the ability to gain [our] trust and respect. Anthony is willing to work alongside [us] to build that rapport necessary to tell heartfelt and genuine stories.”


Wildland Crew Boss

More than just content

“The services went far beyond content creation. It felt like I had a strategist, a coach and a content creator all at the same time. There is a real commitment to a successful outcome, and it shows in all of our interactions .”

Tammi Brannan

Professional Development Coach

(Yes, We actually post pricing)

There is no cost for our initial discovery session. During this call or in-person meeting, we’ll discuss your goals and how they might benefit from our various offerings. Being clear and upfront about what you can expect from us and what you will receive for your investment is paramount. Below are some of our keystone offerings which we can modify to create a plan that fits your marketing budget and helps you realize your goals. One time need? That is fine. Have a recurring need? Any of these services can be hired on retainer for even more savings. 

DIY online Coaching
(available worldwide)




Want to train your staff to do all this in-house? Get your team up to speed. We’ll Go Over:

  • How to pick the ideal employee to lead content creation efforts
  • Equipment choices (how to avoid buying stuff you don’t need)
  • Make it easy for your staff by learning how to get commitment vs compliance
  • Turn your content creation efforts into a powerful sales tool your staff will wonder how they lived without
  • If nothing else, this session will carry and build the momentum of your efforts. This is the key to success in content marketing.



Content Basic
est. 3-5 custom posts
(Corvallis, OR Pricing)



Includes a 30-minute monthly coaching/strategy session and:

  • Basic content calendar aligning content with business goals
  • Monthly content produced via a 60-minute on-site session (may be broken into two 30-minute sessions)
  • Immediate access to media files (jpg/mp4/on-camera audio).
  • Post-shoot guidance on how to use winning shots in your marketing
  • Access to wholesale rates on additional production / editing services if needed



est. 10-15 custom posts
(Corvallis, OR Pricing)



Includes all of the Content Basic plan and:

An additional 1 hours on-site  (for a total of two hours on-site)

Multi-camera shoots to provide seamless coverage from different angles

Live stream broadcast of multi-camera setup to Facebook, Youtube, etc. (if needed)

Basic video scripting guidance to help you and your staff feel comfortable and confident on camera

Up to 4 independent, dedicated wireless microphones for amazing audio quality when multiple people appear on camera

Light editing of video/image files and one round of revisions

Direct-sales focus copywriting assistance for 1 associated or derivative piece of marketing collateral.


est. 30+ posts
(Corvallis, OR Pricing)



Includes all of the Premium plan and:

Two hours on-site per week (for a total of 8 hours per month)

Priority and short-notice VIP scheduling

One hour of staff training to make sure your staff knows what content customers and prospects will be seeing and how to leverage that into additional sales

Integration of your content marketing efforts with email, print, and other channels

After one month, this level can include product development and monetization if desired and appropriate for your business

Direct sales-focused copywriting assistance for 3 derivative pieces of  marketing collateral (4 total)

Facebook ads guidance



Remember, any of these plans can be modified to meet your organization’s needs. Need more editing, but no live streaming… done. Need more training on how to use content marketing to enable your staff to move more product? No problem. Want the Premium Package to start and then need to upgrade or downgrade depending on the seasonal nature of your business? You got it.


Your Next Steps:

1: If you want to speak about your project or goals immediately, click on the chat bubble in the lower right corner of the screen…

It looks like this: 


Alternately, if you prefer email, that works too. [email protected]

You’ll Wish You Had Started Yesterday

Additional Services

We stay focused on content… mostly photography and videography. However, we can integrate the content we produce into a complete product development lifecycle. These additional services are only available to customers once we have a solid working relationship and an understanding of your goals. We can take your product from idea all the way through the first sale and can travel to service your needs within the contiguous US.

Sales Funnel Creation

Complete creation and deployment of a series of products or services designed to provide increasing levels of value to prospect on their journey from lead to recurring customer.

Elevator Pitch

Breaks the one-page marketing brief into a memorizable paragraph that will give you and your staff an easy to recall response to the question “what does your company do and how will it make my life better?”

One-Page Marketing Brief

Includes the key elements to any successful story and forms the core of your marketing efforts.

Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns

An automated email sequence sent out to leads and customers through various parts of the sales cycle. The nurturing campaign is designed to provide problem-solving value to leads to give your company and products “top of mind” awareness.


"One Liner"

A clear and concise statement you and your staff can use to explain how you solve the customer’s problem. Ideally, you should have an organizational one-liner and one for each product.

Lead Generating Assets

Most companies do the hard work of producing content, and then ignore the relatively easy step of turning that content into lead generating assets. Don’t do that. One of our specialty is turning content that you feel is ordinary into videos and actual online courses that have significant perceived (and actual) value in the eyes of prospects.