Why We Exist

Content Marketing Service was founded because we know you want to be a goal-oriented and successful business owner or manager. A big part of that success rests on being able to repeatedly produce original, engaging content that is readily shared by your existing customers and attracts, engages, and educates your ideal customer. In order to do that, you need a system to produce real, relevant content on a recurring basis… And it needs to happen in a way that doesn’t pull you away from the work that drives profit for your business.

The problem is that even though you know you need to create the content on a consistent basis, you simply don’t have the time to do it or a good strategy to convert your efforts into business growth. This makes you feel like no matter how much you try, you’ll always be behind or split between marking for future growth or handling the day to day necessities of the business.

We believe that every business should be able to connect with their existing clients and customers and that content creation shouldn’t be a tradeoff between the business operations needed today and the marketing efforts needed in the future. We understand that your job of operating the business is hard enough on its own. Let’s face it, you didn’t go into business to be a marketer. This is why we created a Content Marketing Service.

Here’s how we do it:

1: We schedule a meet-up, either by phone/Skype or in person. During this meeting, we’ll briefly discuss your immediate and long-term business goals so you can see how a custom content creation plan can help you achieve them.

2: During this initial session we identify areas where your existing marketing efforts can be strengthened and clarified so that the content we produce aligns perfectly with your existing promotional calendar and goals.

3: We’ll work together to put together a custom packaged, or select from our pre-packaged offerings. Then we show up and help you create a month’s worth of content in an easy afternoon.

Sound good to you? Let’s schedule a time to talk so you can stop spinning your wheels and feel torn between running your business or marketing to grow it and instead focus on what you do best and leave the content creation to us.


Anthony Veltri

Core Values: Constant learning & Improvement and Giving Back

Technical competency and knowledge sharing are two core values we hold dearly. Here are a few examples of how some of these benefit content creation clients

Project Management

Ensuring projects are completed withing scope, on schedule and within a defined budget.

Business Analysis

Ensuring the right projects are undertaken to achieve the best outcome for the business.


Ensuring the projects a business undertakes are focused on continuous delivery of value to stakeholders and customers. “Value up-front.”

Helping Others

A resource that help government officials to appear on camera in a way that conveys their message while reflecting well on them and their organization.